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Jason Jones, still smiling 10 years later despite no public dental care or pharma care program in Canada


Just in time for Bernie Sanders' speech in Toronto, the Star revisits Jason Jones, still smiling 10 years on...

The Toronto Star visited with Jason Jones this week, in a follow up story that spotlighted Canada's lack of a public dental care system. This feel good story was published not only to put a spotlight on the need for a publicly funded dental care system (and pharma care system), but to show how poverty is linked to poor health and terrible life outcomes.

The Star published the story at the same time Bernie Sanders, the longest-serving independent U.S. senator ever and 2016 presidential candidate visited Toronto to tour our health care system and to speak at U of T. Sanders proclaimed, "we need your help [Canada]. Stand up, fight for your country to do even better, but defend with pride what you have achieved.”

Sanders recognized our health care system is not perfect. He further recognized the need for public dental care and pharma care.

While the Liberals have promised changes by 2025, people like Jason Jones continue to suffer the results of poverty and ill-health.