As regulated law professionals, we understand regulated health professionals.

Regulated Professoinals

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Weinman, Arnold LLP supports the legal needs of ALL regulated professionals in Ontario. We provide focused, results oriented legal services to registrants of 40+ regulated professions including regulated non-health professions and regulated health professions such as:

Social Work
Veterinarian medicine

There is no universal definition of a self-regulated profession. There are 40 regulatory bodies in Ontario that share the following characteristics:

  • An Ontario statute delegates the authority to the regulatory body to protect the public interest
  • Use of a professional designation, or to practice their profession the authority of a regulatory body must be delegated to the regulatory body.

Self-regulated professions include health and non-health professions representing a wide range of disciplines. Each profession has a regulatory body with statutory authority that establishes the requirements for entry to the profession and the standards or practice or competence.



Weinman, Arnold LLP provides legal assistance and advocacy to Ontario’s Social Workers and Social Service Workers. Procedures  before the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers can be complex and time consuming. We assist with all manner of regulatory procedures including complaints and disciplinary matters.


Weinman, Arnold LLP supports the legal and business needs of Ontario’s 3,530 Architects and 79,000 Professional Engineers.

Architects are governed by the Ontario Association of Architects under the Architects Act. Professional Engineers are governed by Professional Engineers Ontario under the Professional Engineers Act. The functions of the regulatory bodies include licensing their respective professionals, process complaints, and administer disciplinary hearings. We assist Architects and Engineers throughout these administrative processes.




Weinman, Arnold LLP understands the regulatory changes affecting CPAs. Recent regulatory changes are complex and can be difficult to understand. We work closely with CPA’s to ensure regulatory compliance. We help CPA’s navigate regulatory body procedures including complaints and disciplinary matters.


Weinman, Arnold LLP works closely with veterinarian clients who face complex regulatory matters such as complaints, discipline and fitness to practice proceedings. Let us help you with compassion and excellence.