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Ontario's move to greater transparency - health professionals required to report gifts from Big Pharma


Image: Ontario Health Minister Eric Hoskins is introducing legislation Wednesday that will require drug companies and medical device makers to report payments and gifts they give health professionals such as doctors and dentists.

Ontario bill will reveal drug company payments to doctors

In a move by Ontario's Health Minister, new legislation will require drug companies and medical device makers to publicly report cash payments, gifts and other incentives they have given to health care professions.

The Ontario government has primarily targeted targeted medical doctors, and to a lesser degree dentists with this new legislation. In typical fashion, however, the legislation will have far reaching effects to other health care professionals (in fact all 26 health professions will be affected by this new legislation).

In our opinion, a more targeted approach is called for, which identifies and addresses the actual problem, rather than legislation which might have unintended consequences.

See: Full Article, By DAVID BRUSER News Reporter, THERESA BOYLE Health Reporter, and JESSE MCLEANInvestigative News reporter